Five Year Forward View requires unprecedented behaviour shift

By: The Leader @theleaderspeaks
Published: Friday, October 31, 2014 - 13:03 GMT

Can health and social care delivered through smart technology and the internet really save the NHS as the NHS England 5YFV suggests it can

NHS England has just published a five year forward view (5YFV). Every word in the 40-page document is carefully chosen. And with good reason, for the future of a cherished institution, the health of a generation, and the future of more than1.2 million people who work for the behemoth depend upon what happens next. It may also turn out that the fate of the…

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Social Value – A false dawn?

The Social Value Act 2012 places a responsibility on public sector organisations to consider ‘social value’ in contracts that they let. Suppliers can therefore be… Read More

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High-speed Birmingham

Developers, building contractors and other commercial property specialists meeting in Birmingham last month were bullish about the city’s immediate growth prospects.


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Does the 5 Year Forward View mean the end of General Practice?


The Shadow Business Secretary has come out strongly in support of regional devolution and the mood in Birmingham…

Attribute exchange can be a way of saving money for both the private and public purse and a way of reducing friction…

My time at school was spent staring at blackboards and scrawling in notebooks, but things are changing……

Organisations like the Manufacturing Advisory Service have a key role in ensuring suppliers are aware of the opportunities…

For some companies, working with government and doing business in devolved city regions will mean big challenges:…

On the surface the 5YFV looks positive for general practice, but on closer inspection it signals a significant…

Enabling people to transact with public services online will bring substantial savings, hence the call for services…

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The DISCOVER project is a European collaboration between Birmingham City University, the Open University and Aristotle…

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