Joe Tibbetts is the founder and CEO of CLGdotTV. He hosts Working Lunch and chairs AnswerTime the CLGdotTV panel show. Joe chairs conferences and advises public and private sector organisations on how to get heard.


Working Lunch No2 - a weekly webTV programme about, for and by those involved in local government


© CLGdotTV 2018 | Joe Tibbetts, Dan Ebanks, Dominic Campbell, Hilary Simpson

Dan Ebanks; Dominic Campbell and Hilary Simpson waxing lyrical on social value, digital transformation and the uses and abuses of council data

Join us each week for a working lunch. Guests this week are Hilary Simpson founder of Sleuth Cooperative, Dominic Campbell founder of FutureGov and Dan Ebanks founder of Firesouls.

Hilary Simpson set up her business as a cooperative, a community of equals, in order to better help local authorities un-pack and better understand their own data to the benefit of the local community. Dan Ebanks works to make it possible for commercial enterprises to share some of their success with the communities that sustain them. Dominic Campbell works to help local authorities deliver more for less via digital transformation to the benefit of the communities served by his local authority clients. Are they three mavericks or are they leading the charge for a more socially responsible private sector?

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there is no such thing as a free Working Lunch

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