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VIDEO: Martin Reeves, CEX West Midlands Combined Authority, on devolution threats and opportunities


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Collaboration between combined authorities key to driving the devolution project forward.

Here's one from the archive. Martin Reeves, CEX West Midlands Combined Authority at the time, being candid about achievments to date and confident about the way forward for the future.

Surfing the timeline.....

00:15 - 01:07 | "How is the West Midlands Combined Authority progressing?" 

01:08 - 02:47 | "Why is it that people have come around the the idea of an elected Mayor in Birmingham/Greater West Midlands area? 

02:48 - 05:36 | "Do you think that the macro-political events of the last 12-18 months have threatened the promise of devolved purse strings?"

05:37 - 09:04 | "Is there a level of collaboration between the West Midlands Combined Authority and other local governments, such as Manchester, to promote national schemes and policies that will benefit the population at a local level?"

09:05-11:22 | "Is that the sound of Whitehall turkeys refusing to vote for Christmas?"

11:23 - 13:47 | "If you could pick one thing that has been a key enabler of success, what would that one thing be?"

13:48 - 16:22 | "Do you think that the model you have in place will survive the inevitable disruptions that Britain will face over the next few years of Brexit?


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