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Kirklees introduced Bettercare a self service digital platform in June 2017


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Financial assessments for social care were taking up to 100 days. 25% of applicants gave up without completing the process.

Bettercare is a self service digital platform developed by LookingLocal and introduced by Kirklees Council in West Yorkshire. Residents seeking adult social care support can do their own financial assessment online, find out what support if any they are entitled to and start the application process. The old system wasted council money and time and clearfly didn't serve the customers in an acceptable way.

Bettercare offers two types of financial assessment, a mini financial assessment and a fuller financial assessment that works out costs and helps the customer make decisions. In the first few months of running the BetterCare platform there has been a clear reduction in the backlog and in the turn around time of cases. And a further key outcome is that Better Care is allowing the council to spend more time and take better care of those customers they are responsible for.

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