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CLGdotTV - March viewing figures


Unique Page Views up by 5.76% in March to 7275 : Sessions up by 10.31% in March to 6080 : New Users up by 15.57% in March to 2912

On 17th March CLGdotTV the local government channel was two months old. We are now broadcasting two live, scheduled, weekly programmes and five regular on-demand programmes. 

  • Working Lunch® live@12:45 Tuesdays & then on-demand from noon Wednesday, a host and three guests discuss key, topical issues of interest to those in (or interested in) local government..
  • Tomorrow's Agenda® live@4.30 Tuesdays & then on-demand from noon Thursday, one two or three key players examine the key issues facing their sector or organisation in the short and medium term and take questions via Twitter from the audience..
  • CLG Briefings® recorded at 58VE between 2.00pm and 4.00pm every Tuesday, duration 5-15 minutes, broadcast on-demand only, available within 48 hours of recording. Short programmes in different styles all made with the intention of explaining & evaluating management & technical innovations of interest to those in local government.e
  • CLG Head to Head recorded at 58VE between 2.00pm and 4.00pm every Tuesday duration 5-15 minutes, broadcast on-demand only, available within 48 hours of recording. One to one interviews usuallyavailable on a Friday 
  • CLG AnswerTime® recorded at 58VE from time to time, duration 30-40 minutes. available live and on-demand. Q&A panel show in front of a live audience posing the questions.

Working Lunch Nos 1-7 available on-demand here

Working Lunch No8 - how co-operatives are driving local economic development & helping build a digitally skilled workforce in communities from Islington & Preston to Gaza City Available on-demand here and now

Working Lunch No9: Mark Thompson of Methods Group on the Better Public Services: A ManifestoJuliet Whitworth (LGA), Ingrid Koehler (LGIU) all talking about open data, transparency, local government elections digital democracy and trying to answer the question Can we deliver the digital dream? Available on-demand here and now

No Working Lunch on Tuesday 3rd April, much of our audience will be on holiday. 

Send you question or comment before or during the broadcast by following us on Twitter @CLGdotTV and direct messaging your question

Got an idea for a programme contact Joe Tibbetts

Share your movies - CLGdotTV make and broadcast programmes about, for and by those interested in local public service. If you are a public sector organisation or a third sector otganisation delivering local public services and you have a video that you have made and you would like to share it with a wider audience please email us.

CLGdotTV is not only a webTV Channel but also a wonderful communications channel for anyone wishing to get clear, informative messages to a public sector audience.  Unlike traditional communication channels CLGdotTV programmes are quick, flexible, responsive, live and on-demand, free to view, interactive, entertaining, instructive, light of touch and can fit the audiences timetable whatever that timetable may be. Public sector audiences have neither the time nor the money to be traipsing around the country going to events nor do they have much enthusiasm for taking part in events that require them to give up their details.......

*.......YOU DON'T HAVE TO REGISTER to watch CLGdotTV programmes nor to get a reminder sent to your email. You can FIND OUT ABOUT OUR BROADCASTS by viewing our Twitter (@CLGdotTV) and/or the CLGdotTV LinkedIn page in order to see details of upcoming programmes and who will be our guests. If you want to GET A REMINDER OF A PARTICULAR BROADCAST SENT STRAIGHT TO YOUR CALLENDAR go to the link for any programme up to two weeks before the broadcast date and click the GET NOTIFIED box. This function will send you a reminder to watch this live programme only once the live programme is finished the record will be destroyed. On-demand programmes are available from our own platforms https://www.connectedlocalgovernment.TV and where we hold no data nor is there a registration nor a reminder function. 


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