Andy Bates has worked in telecoms & IT for 25 years. He is CTO for Public Sector in EMEA for Verizon the multinational telecommunications conglomerate. Joe Tibbetts is the CEO of Boilerhouse Online Publications.


PODCAST: RealityBites #08 government investment in battery operated houses, smart grid, flattening the spikes in energy demand


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CLICK RED/WHITE ARROW to listen to the one where Andy describes a smart grid future and the Government invests a quarter of a billion pounds in his vision.

00:00 - Second guessing the future. Andy appears to foresee the Government investment in batteries and smart grid
01:20 - Battery powered homes
01:30 - Flatten spikes in energy demand, save money, benefit the environment
02:35 - How big a battery will we need to run the average home?
03:45 - But aren't we in danger of reinventing the wheel?
05:10 - Will a nation stuffed with battery powered houses pose a massive disposal problem
05:50 - Will the savings and doing it at a local level prove an environemental win-win?
08:00 - Will Big Brother be controlling your central heating? Do you mind if he does?
10:06 - Can't we adopt the French system of central control of energy-use spikes?
11:56 - Smart grid, smart switching, smart metering ....have we solved the technical problems?
13:56 - Safety...will we have a fire hazard problem?
15:18 - If the car is a battery on wheels, we don't need a battery in the house, we can run the house off the car in the garage.
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