Forget Europe, unemployment is the key issue that threatens our future

Council News Monitor - this week's essential Local Authority news stories

Council News Monitor February 19th - this week's essential Local Authority news stories

Leave Europe ? C’est magnifique, mais ce n’est pas bon sens: c'est de la folie

NHS finances – the dark at the end of the tunnel

Leveraging innovation to realise the human and financial benefits of digital care

Local government must move beyond channel shift to enable a smarter digital state

The potential of the Internet of Things in healthcare

Council News Monitor March 11 - this week's essential Local Authority news stories

Council News Monitor March 4th - this week's essential Local Authority news stories

'What’s App Doc?’ The use of mobile health apps in primary care

Nesta report says digital could save local authorities 40% of their budget

The Old Lie - as Vladimir Putin hands out medals for "the war in Syria" we take the opportunity to republish a leader first published May 2014 the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings.

Council News Monitor - Budget Special - News round-up from UK Local Authorities

The Local Government Talk Show - Better Connected is looking for podcasters among local authority senior managers

Digital delivery is the silver bullet of getting more for less in the delivery of local public services, but.....

Council News Monitor April 1st - this week's essential Local Authority news stories

Councillor Lisa Trickett to chair The Re-Invention of Local Public Services at Better Connected Live

Better Connected Programme and Communities launches across public sector transformation space

Bursting the Gen Z bubble: digital natives could be in for a shock

Council news from Liverpool, Stockport, Leeds, Birmingham, Nottingham, Powys, Stoke, Oxfordshire, Plymouth, Camden, Belfast and many more...

3D printing set to revolutionise transplant medicine: Part 1

Council News from Bristol, Newcastle, Cheshire East, Liverpool, Birmingham, Coventry, Cambridgeshire, Hampshire, Thurrock, West Sussex, Cornwall, Glasgow, Aberdeen and more...

Council news from Blackpool, Leeds, Leicestershire, Worcestershire, Peterborough, Hampshire, Barnet, Falkirk, Denbighshire and others

Digital technology must redefine the relationship between citizens and state says West Midlands Combined Authority chief

Council reduces cost of missed bin collection misreporting by 40%

Council news from Cheshire, Leeds, Leicestershire, West Midlands, Essex, Medway, North Somerset, Dundee and Cardiff and more...

Council websites ‘go mobile’ with benefits for accessibility and usability

This week's 25 key Council news stories from around the UK

Focus on staff engagement to drive service user take up of digital social care

Brexit special - reaction to the EU referendum from Councils around UK

Leeds is receiving £1m from NHS England to turn the Leeds Care Record into Ripple

Newham council has a 99% accuracy rate in working out which unlicensed properties are rented out.

How Liverpool encourages development through online planning

Transformation in local public services? Time to drop complexity, inflexibility and a provider-centric approaches says Local CIO Council.

29 key Council news stories from around the UK

Forget Brexit, unemployment is the key issue that threatens our future

Social care leaders must consider identity and authentication issues as online services set to grow

The private soldier, the “grunt”, the foot-slogging, front-line, basic model, soldier is history now

Why own a car when mobility is provided ‘as a service’

The soul of the new democracy

Manchester gives senior staff big pay rise; Sheffield & Derbyshire fall out over devolution; Cornwall to keep Brussels office despite Brexit; police storm Lambeth planning meeting

West Midlands mayor needs more power while Newcastle CEO should have less money. Lincolnshire cuts lights while....

Boilerhouse to re-launch ADASS Care Apps Showcase & Conference as online platform and year round care apps programme

Manchester chief executive Sir Howard Bernstein stands down as ...

Herefordshire to get £9.5m roads refund from Amey

Care apps providers invited to upload information to new online showcase

Local digital projects get new collaboration and co-funding platform

Norfolk uses data in libraries’ public health drive

Milton Keynes buys 110 flats in Luton as Torfaen plans to acquire derelict iron works

Will Brexit and yet more austerity stop us turning the transformation vision into reality

Tag Your Bag: the digitally enabled gifting process that just goes on giving

Better Connected Programme adds new tools and activities to support local digital transformation

Theresa May supports greater Bristol devolution while...

Sharing health and social care records, that's where technology and STPs can make a difference says NHS

Manchester City Council’s move to Google’s cloud-based suite of services for office functionality is not irreversible

Digital infrastructure: laying the foundations for a better-connected future

Peterborough, Hartlepool and Cambridgeshire agree devolution deals as Lincolnshire, Suffolk and Norfolk deals falls through

Sussex NHS cut travel related carbon and costs

Attempted coup fails to topple Middlesbrough mayor while....

Local Authorities should publish more for local people about care provision in their patch.

The route to market in the new tech enabled health and care environment

Extinction awaits organisations that do not use the web to understand customer behaviour says Gerry McGovern

Councils and digital solutions providers upload care apps and local digital innovations to Public Service Digital Exchange

Building control – constructing a modern, diverse profession

How an NHS trust uses mobiles for dictation despite poor coverage

Library e-resources under-exploited potential says report

A three step manifesto for a smarter, fairer economy

When councils outsource why don’t they secure the quality of associated online services?

An Englishman’s home is his rabbit hutch? Implications of the national space standard for the building control profession

Why technology is needed to reinvent the UK’s social care system

The true costs of missing the school transport scheduling window and how to avoid them

State Pension age will need to rise above 70 to make pensions triple lock sustainable

Central Manchester bag clinical waste savings and feed breakfast to cyclists.

Warwickshire turns libraries into ‘council’s front door’

Oxford vaccine test volunteers infected with typhoid.