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The route to market in the new tech enabled health and care environment

In the developing landscape of tech enabled health and care, marketing products and services can sometimes seem counter-intuitive. Old style competitive structures are being reassessed and a single step can be either a great leap forward or a fatal trip hazard.

Image Staircase © Kris Arnold – 2014 (cropped) Creative Commons

Like the individual steps in a staircase the usefulness and therefore success of tech enabled health and care products and services are largely dependent on what comes before. Try using the top three steps of a staircase if the first three steps are missing. Try improving efficiency in recording and transferring patient data without an accessible mobile network or secure data transfer protocols.

The route to market for those who want to sell their products and service packages requires a working knowledge of all the other steps along the route and a constant updating of that knowledge. And factors like the fit, interoperability, cross-platform, cross-generation, are all crucial. And so it becomes clear that, in the ever expanding staircase of tech enabled health and care, no step is an island and other people’s business is literally your business. 

And of course the opposite is true. Your business is other people’s business. Keeping your cards too close to your chest risks missing that single opportunity to collaborate that could mean the difference between success and a half-landing to nowhere.  

The whole thing can seem anti-intuitive, keeping up is never easy, each new stair encountered goes down as well as up, and each step can be a route to success or a fatal trip-hazard.

Put simply the Connected Care Programme is about sharing. It’s only purpose to provide an environment where collaboration and partnering can flourish. To help suppliers and customers, designers and commissioners, those with needs and those with solutions, keep abreast of what is going on and keep their own work fresh and in the public eye.

The programme brings together:

  • The 2017 ADASS Care Apps Showcase & Conference – taking bookings here & now
  • PSD, an online content platform focussed on publishing digital content around the issues surrounding digital technologies in the public sector. Our content includes The Main Event – a series of video interviews, published in PSD and i-D the Information Daily, where producers of technology enabled healthcare are encouraged to tell us what they are up to and share their thinking on what comes next.
  • PSD eXchange an online content platform showcasing case-studies of technology enabled healthcare developed by and for the public sector – upload your case study here & now free of charge
  • The Connected Care Awards (watch this space) 

As part of our programme we have reconfigured the format of “the event”. The 2017 ADASS Conference and Care Apps Showcase will be stuffed full of case studies and up to the minute real world experiences, light on the analysis of where we are and why we are, where we are and heavy on spotlighting the components and connections in this new landscape. 

Together we've got the public sector covered