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Sharing and collaboration among Local Authorities is key to next 12 months says Socitm Advisory

Andrew Rogers of Socitm Advisory in conversation with our own Joe Tibbetts. Andrew and Joe find common ground, agreeing that the future of local authorities promises more pairing-up than a fresher's week thrash with a free bar. Will first dates become redundant as we skip straight to the nuptials?

Boilerhouse events, starting with the ADASS Conference and Care Apps Showcase 2017, are designed specifically to provide an environment where collaboration and partnering can flourish. To help suppliers and customers, designers and commissioners, those with needs and those with solutions, keep abreast of what everyone else is doing in order to drive future collaboration, as well as keep their own work fresh and in the public eye.

Those who were at Socitm's Better Connected Live 2016 which Boilerhouse designed and presented in May of this year, will not be surprised to hear that with the ADASS event they are planning to "reconfigure the event format” again.

"No plenaries", they say, "no rows of tired delegates snoring over their smart phones while the tweets scroll past on the way to information oblivion but 100 plus presentations", adding an invitation to, "come along and count them".

The 2017 ADASS Care Apps Showcase & Conference will be stuffed full of case studies and up to the minute real world experiences. It will be light on the analysis of where we are and why we are, where we are and heavy on spotlighting the components, the players, the romances and marriages, and above all the connections in this new landscape.

The event is taking bookings now while PSD, the Boilerhouse online content platform focussed on the issues surrounding digital technologies in the public sector adds new content seven days a week incluing this series of video interviews - The Main Event – published in PSD and i-D the Information Daily, where producers of technology enabled healthcare are encouraged to tell us what they are up to and share their thinking on what comes next - and PSD eXchange an online content platform showcasing case-studies of local digital innovations by and/or for the public sector that allows you to upload your own case study free of charge.

If the 2017 ADASS Conference and Showcase sets out it's stalls to reinvent the whole shape of such events Socitm's Better Connected Live 2017 makes a promise to be not quite like anything that's gone before. It would be silly to miss one of these events and downright daft to miss both.

ADASS Conference and Care Apps Showcase 2017 - March 7  - central Birmingham       

Socitm's Better Connected Live 2017 -  June 28 & 29 - central Birmingham  


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