AHANTA WEST : Discovery of oil, prospective job opening in the future.

By: Information Daily Staff Writer
Published: Tuesday, November 13, 2007 - 10:38 GMT Jump to Comments

Mr. Anthony E. Amoah, Western Regional Minister said the discovery of oil in the Ahanta West District was not an automatic employment avenue for the youth.

He said if students failed to pursue oil related subjects and acquire the requisite skills that would make them employable, they would still become poor and be employed to do only menial jobs.

Mr. Amoah said this on Monday at the senior citizens day organised by the Western Regional Coordinating Council (RCC) at Sekondi.

He said many youths in the region refuse to acquire skills that would make them employable and are always complaining about their salaries and other emoluments.

Mr. Amoah said the youth should focus and study to become competent and employed in the mining sector of the region.

He said that though there are several mining companies in the region, the expatriate workers outweigh the indigenes, thus becoming poor on their own land.

Mr. Amoah stressed that an oil refinery would soon be established at Pumpuni also in the Ahanta West District and that the region would also have a bulk oil storage facility.

He therefore urged parents to advise their children to take their education seriously otherwise "our children will become labourers on the oil fields".



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